Pickens County Humane Society    

                                                                                             Non profit 501 c3 Organization  

Surrendering Procedures (Animal Drop OFF) 

** > ** We will be accepting animals again beginning January 2, 2018, giving them a miracle of a warm bed, full bowl of food, and loving care while at our shelter and beyond. ** < **

Please remember we are a no kill facility of healthy and treatable animals therefore we may not have space available to accept new animals.

***If the animal is NOT  accepted by our facility or space availability inhibits us to provide you a service, Pickens County Upstate SPCA 864-898-5936 is provided to you by the county***

Surrendering of animals:
*** For all puppies 6 months of age & older and kittens over 13 wks old; 
procedures & fees are listed below ***

Assessment fee $15: 
Assessment of overall adoptability: includes, but not limited to;
Age, Breed, Health, Temperament, blood test and space available.
***This pertains to stray and owned animals.***

Acceptance fee $15 (add $5 for out of county residents)
Due after assessment is completed and the animal has met all requirements

***The assessment fee must be paid prior to assessment taking place. NOTE: This does not guarantee acceptance and you will not be refunded the assessment fee of $15.

Surrendering of puppies/ kittens (individual or in litters) 
$5 per each puppy under 6 months of age
$5 per each kitten under 13 weeks old

Please understand we are a non-profit organization, NOT provided to you by the County. The assessment fee and acceptance fee is an absolute necessity to help supplement the cost of care for these animals accepted into our organization.

 As a Humane Society, we do hold the right to humanely euthanize for reasons such as, but not limited to: ongoing poor health, or illness, non-treatable injuries or conditions, heart worm positive (if not sponsored or accepted by rescue) feline leukemia positive, aggressive/ feral, suffering. Each animal is on a case by case basis.  The shelter attempts to treat and/ or transfer animals on an individual basis until all efforts have been exhausted and/or there is no other avenue.